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EZ Poultry Rail


EZ Quote

Calculating your rail system is pretty easy so we can usually provide a quote over the phone or within a day via email.


EZ Use

It's a cart on a rail, we really can't make it easier than that. It's a simple solution to a problem that many farmers face!


EZ Pricing

With no extra surprise cost, you get exactly what you pay for. The price really depends on how many rails and carts you need.


EZ Maintenance

It really doesn't "break down." We do suggest that you refrain hitting it with trucks, baseball bats, or heating it past 2500°F.


EZ Setup

Most of our installations happen in just a few days. We help you get set up and give a few pointers.


EZ Replacement

Unless you do hit it, run it over or melt it, the EZ rail has a 5 year warranty. If anything stops works, we'll come fix it. But you aren't gonna call...

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