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Satisfied Customers at Farms across the United States

I bought this monorail system 6 years ago. This was a game changer, the best money I've ever spent in the chicken business. The 11 y/o son and wife were able to pick up 9 pound birds as quick as I could. It comes in handy setting up for babies, good for carrying tools and a work bench. Quality work and installation, I highly recommend.

-Greg H.


The trollies have been a tremendous help to us on our broiler farm. We are older and seldom have help available (or affordable!). The trollies enable us to pick up our dead without having to tote the buckets as we go. With the high amount of mortality we have had the last year or so, we did not think we could survive it physically. Now, we can pick up dead and it doesn’t take all day!  We wish we had done this sooner!  We highly recommend this to anyone! It is definitely worth the money. 

- Debbie


I have had my baskets for about 2 years now.  They have been a back saver for me.  Sometimes my roosters would weigh close to 12 pounds.  There was no way to carry them in a bucket.  The baskets were the  best solution for me.  There is no motor for me to have to fix.  Trey was very proficient and stands behind his product.  Recommend him 100 %.

- Cullwell


Been 3 years since installed, still the best money I've spent on the farm and very affordable! No cheap looking 2x4's holding the rail, hand made sturdy brackets. I couldn't imagine getting 9-11 lb birds up without the ez rail. No motor, wiring, switches to tear up. Rolls very easy loaded down with big birds. 

- Marian

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